About Net Solutions  

We are a small company, with currently less than 10 employees. Where we see the opportunity to do the warehousing ourselves (Madrid) we have created our own warehouses with own personal, but in other ocasions we subcontract to carefully chosen partners all over Spain. Sites and presentation

... Net Solutions started in January 2005. At that time we created two companies. One focused on selling transport via the internet: YaTransporte, and one company focused on warehousing, mainly warehousing of spare parts: 24 HRS Logistics...


Why Net Solutions
- We are small, but have the conifdence of very big clients (Ricoh, HP, Vodafone etc...)

- We are a Dutch company internationaly oriented, we speak Dutch, English, Spanish and we understand cultural diferences, we really adapt ourselves to our clients. "Do business in Spain like you do it in your own country".

- Every client is important, we have clients that need only 2m2, but also clients that ocupy over 800m2.

- We have higly qualified personal used to serving our clients 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year.


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